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Almost 100 years ago with prohibition in full swing, people with a taste for liquor were determined to get hold of a drink one way or another. And so the speak-easy was invented, it didn’t take much more than a bottle and two chairs to make a speak-easy, but they quickly grew into one of the biggest parts of culture at the time. It became a place where social barriers were broken down and people from all walks of life men and women sat and enjoyed a drink together for the first time.

A century later and we once again found ourselves in the twenties, living with an alcohol ban. People were again left liquor-less, and forced to home brew or look for a drink around back corners. The irony was not lost on us and we were inspired by the story of the speak-easy and the timeless cocktails they invented.
And so Cin Cin was born, a place to have a drink and let your hair down. A place where you can meet with friends and indulge because we believe bad choices make good stories.


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"Great stuff, great drinks, great music, great vibe."

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